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Demissão política deo pesquisador DR. Paulo Martins

   Amigas e amigos, Vejam a razão da demissão do Dr. Paulo Martins do IPT ! “Destaque entre os investimentos, o novo prédio de bionanotecnologia do Instituto, que está recebendo R$ 50 milhões do…Continuar

Started 12 Nov, 2011

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Engenheiro Agrônomo, pesquisador científico nível VI do IEA/APTA/SAA
Colegas vejam este site sobre nano e agricultura na India . É uma empresa.

What Nanotechnology offers for Agriculture:

Major Challenges What Nanotechnology offers
•Food security for growing numbers
•Use of nanotechnology in agriculture and food industry can revolutionize the sector with new tools for disease detection, targeted treatment, enhancing the ability of plants to absorb nutrients, fight diseases and withstand environmental pressures and effective systems for processing, storage and packaging

•Low productivity in cultivable areas
•Precision farming- Nanotechnology application here makes farming more targeted and scientific. Precision farming makes use of computers, global satellite positioning systems, and remote sensing devices to measure various parameters. Accurate information through applications of nanotechnology for real time monitoring of soil conditions, environmental changes and diseases and plant health issues

•Large uncultivable areas
•Bringing more areas under cultivation by Nanotechnology enabled environmental monitoring and management including cost effective water management through applications of nano science. Use of nanotechnology in agriculture can thus change the land use pattern substantially

•Shrinkage of cultivable lands •The remedy is to enhance productivity through Nanotechnology driven precision farming and to maximize the output and minimize inputs through better monitoring and targeted action.

•Wastage of inputs
•Nanotechnology enabled sensors and smart delivery systems will help the agricultural industry combat viruses and other crop pathogens

•In the near future, nano structured catalysts will be available which will increase the efficiency of pesticides and herbicides, allowing lower doses to be used

•Wastage of products
•Precision farming through use of nanotechnology applications can also help to reduce agricultural waste and thus keep environmental pollution to a minimum

•Perishability/ low shelf life
•Use of nanotechnology in sensing applications will ensure food safety and security, as well as technology applications which alert the customers and shopkeepers when a food is nearing the end of its shelf-life

•Nanotechnology based new antimicrobial coatings and dirt repellent plastic bags are a remarkable improvement in ensuring the safety and security of packaged food

•Technology limitations
•Various devices designed through application of nanotechnology which include biosensor for the detection of pesticides, herbicides, insecticide, viruses, microbe will bridge this gap to a great extent

•Smart packaging developed by applying nano science concepts & technology would be able to repair small holes/tears, respond to environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and moisture changes), and alert the customer if the food is contaminated

•Skill limitations
•Nanotechnology applications have the potential to produce easy-to-handle devices which reduce the dependence on human skills on many fronts, thus reducing the human risk

•Processing limitations •Nanotechnology will change the existing system of food processing and will enhance the nutritional quality of food and will ensure the safety of food products

•Other strategic applications of nanotechnology for use in agriculture and food processing industry include the addition of nano particles to existing foods to enable increased absorption of nutrients

•This is possible through selected additives and improvements to the way the body digests and absorbs food

•Nanotechnology is already making an impact on the development of functional or interactive foods, which respond to the body's requirements and can deliver nutrients more efficiently

•Research is on to develop new Nanotechnology driven "on demand" foods, which will remain dormant in the body and deliver nutrients to cells when needed. This is possible by applications of nano science

•Packaging limitations
•Silver nano-particles can be embedded in polymeric materials such as PVC, PE, PET while polymerization occurs

•Silver nanoparticles kill pathogens, bacteria, viruses and fungus and are used as a good and safe packaging pot

•Such nanotechnology based packaging materials are 100 times more secure than the normal one for the storage of juices, milk and other agri-products. Nanotechnology products in packaging food products thus offer immense potential

•Food packaging films in the name of "hybrid system" films have enormous number of silicate nano particles. They massively reduce the entrance of oxygen and other gases, and the exit of moisture, thus preventing food from spoiling or drying

•Nanotechnology can provide solutions for modifying the permeation behavior of foils, increasing barrier properties (mechanical, thermal, chemical, and microbial), improving mechanical and heat-resistance properties. Other Nanotechnology devices may include developing active antimicrobic and antifungal surfaces and sensing as well as signaling microbiological and biochemical changes

•Diseases & calamities
•The union of biotechnology and nanotechnology in sensors will create equipment of increased sensitivity, allowing an earlier response to environmental changes and diseases

•Impact on Environment •Nanotechnology will also help protect the environment indirectly through the use of alternative (renewable) energy supplies, and filters or catalysts to reduce pollution and clean-up existing pollutants

•Nanotechnology Research also aims to make plants use water, pesticides and fertilizers more efficiently

•This Nanotechnology application will help to reduce pollution and to make agriculture more environmentally friendly

•Thus, the use of nanotechnology in agriculture will lead to a real breakthrough in this sector

More than the smart devices for producing, processing and packaging, the convergence of nanotechnology , information technology and bio technology has really given us a new whole world of agriculture. Through cell engineering, cells can be made to form and multiply faster. This will mean that crops which take months to get ready can be available in week's time; that too on much less costs. This is what is the extent of possibility through introduction of Nano science & Nanotechnology in Agriculture. The potential for producing better at reduced cost by use of technology makes it very important for a country like India.

What SAiNSCE is doing:
SAiNSCE is committed to harness the potential of nanotechnology for improving the scenario and bringing efficiency in the agri and food sector, particularly in India. Among the initial Nanotechnology steps, we at SAiNSCE have started:

•Collaborating with researchers and companies producing useful nanotechnology driven tools and devices for the sector

•Doing more applied research in Nanotechnology and study as to how to customize these processes and products to primarily suit the Indian requirements

•Taking these nano products in the market and to demonstrate their real time ability

•Getting back to the companies with user feedback about the nanotechnology , its cost and other operational issues

What SAiNSCE is planning next:
•In the near future SAINSCE will zero down on certain Nanotechnology devices useful in enhancing the productivity, processing and packaging in Agriculture

•India being a huge market with a still bigger hunger for food, SAINSCE will apply, popularize and sell these Nanotechnology devices

•In due course of time, SAINSCE will set up its own production/manufacturing facilities to produce the said Nanotechnology devices for the Indian and global market

•SAiNSCE is committed to promote the use of nanotechnology in agriculture and nanotechnology in India

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Notória ineficiência do setor público

E-mail emviado ao jornalista Fernando Rodrigues da Folha de São Paulo:


Prezado jornalista,


Em primeiro lugar parabéns por colocar o seu e-mail no final da sua coluna coisa que muitos dos articulistas da FSP não fazem por preguiça, medo ou por se acharem os donos da Verdade.  

Como assinante da FSP, leio sempre seus artigos…


Postado em 28 novembro 2011 às 0:49 — 2 Comentários

       Mandei este comunicado para todos os deputados  sobre este assunto: Apenas para informar que a petição  em português para a revogação da demissão do Dr. Paulo Martins  do IPT já passou de 400 …




Mandei este comunicado para todos os deputados  sobre este assunto:

Apenas para informar que a petição  em português para a revogação da demissão do Dr. Paulo Martins  do IPT já passou de 400 assinaturas



Postado em 16 novembro 2011 às 2:46

Luiz Nassif  há quase dois anos questionou a direção do IPT sobre a ameaça de demissão de um sociólogo pesquisador Doutor em virtude de suas atividades buscando informar o público leigo e debater os …

Luiz Nassif  há quase dois anos questionou a direção do IPT sobre a ameaça de demissão de um sociólogo pesquisador Doutor em virtude de suas atividades buscando informar o público leigo e debater os avanços das nanotecnologias e seus possiveis impactos econômicos, sociais e ambientais positivos e naegativos. O pesquisador foi salvo pela ação de Nassif. Há tres dias a direção do IPT demitiu de fato o referido pesquisador faltando apenas tres mese para que tivesse tempo de serviço para se…


Postado em 9 novembro 2011 às 23:23

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Às 18:21 em 19 abril 2010, Antonio Barbosa Filho disse...
Olá Richard! Convido-o a participar do grupo "La Pátria Grande", sobre América Latina, nesta comunidade. Um abraço.


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