The development of ideas has sometimes been compared to the growth of plants, flowers and fruits. In that analogy, ideas sprout in minds and become buds of what they will be. Later, they reveal their beauty as they develop and blossom fully, attracting admirers who will help fertilize them, as flowers and insects do. When they mature and possess the structure and strength necessary to be released, the ideas are fruits and seeds that will start a new generation somewhere.

However, new ideas are not always welcomed. Sometimes it is not the right time, like a seed that was sowed in winter. Or listeners are opposed to it, like poor soils that do not favor the seed’s growth. Examples of thinkers who were rejected in their time or whose ideas were only accepted elsewhere abound in the history of humankind.

Nevertheless, when ideas succeed in proving their usefulness – because they have encountered the people who will dare to try them or society has evolved and then can keep pace with their proposed growth – they become irresistible. If today everybody knows that the world is round and orbits around the sun, there was a time when this current and factual idea was subversive and perilous.

So, the correct attitude to be adopted when facing new ideas should be respectful, even if there is discordance. After all, the ugly bud of today, may become the blossomy idea of tomorrow.

Ademário Iris da Silva Junior

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