Interessante história que está sendo publicada pelo Daily Telegraph da Inglaterra.

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Comentário de Alexandre César Weber em 20 junho 2009 às 23:24
the summer solstice is June 21 SUNDAY

then its Saturn day on july 4th 2009


the 4th is the great works of the illuminati

the 7 and 4 represent their completion of the great works

the 2009 date = 2 9's or 18 or 6+6+6

read this..........

All across America, citizens of all shape and form, of many ethnicities and cultures, will gather round a barbeque and, with the first break of night, witness majestic displays of "fireworks".

People will not see the operative esoteric component: "fire" "works".

These rituals serve as reinforcement tools to acquire at very little cost "loyalty and obedience" to those who no longer are attached to the people, the State serving as an operative vehicle for Occult forces.

1776 and July 4th were the products of the former. The Setianists would organize their parallel force at the same precise time to serve the latter.

Lucky are the societies with an Elite that understand and seek after the former, and woe are those societies who have fallen under the hand of those dedicated to the latter. The rituals of state are used by the former and the latter, pulling or prodding their populace along, or deceiving and mesmerizing their populace before the reaping. It is how it has always been.

Esoteric Significances Everywhere

These 22 paths are set into an unbroken circuit. To derive this on your own is not so easy, but obviously, it can be done. However, one will note that this, too, has within itself a binary sequence. Simply add the digits of the numbers going into each "sephera". At "Cancer", we have the digits 0+5+6+19+18+21 = 69, and so we place the "69" of Cancer into this sephera. At "Libra", we find that we have the paths of 13 and 14, hence MA'AT, or "the Scales", and so we place Libra in this sephera.

The final path or Sephera links Leo to Cancer, and the total value of the digits in this sequence reveal 21+20+16+17 = 74

74 is the Number of Completion, it's inverse or palindrome being "Euclid's 47'th Proposition Equally".

July 4, or 7/4, becomes the symbol of "the completion" of "the Great Work", which really represented the beginning of "the ability to affect the completion".
Comentário de Alexandre César Weber em 20 junho 2009 às 23:32


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