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Dan Brown Validates Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings Video Series

David Bay
October 1, 2009

Here are the many ways in which Dan Brown’s book ‘Lost Symbol’ validated our ‘Secret Mysteries’ of America’s Beginnings’ video series.
featured stories Dan Brown Validates Secret Mysteries of Americas Beginnings Video Series
Bush Tenet featured stories Dan Brown Validates Secret Mysteries of Americas Beginnings Video Series

Secret Mysteries: America’s Beginnings

Dan Brown’s ‘Lost Symbol’ book is not only a 509-page brochure promoting the glories of the Masonic Lodge, but it validates the information we show in our award-winning ‘Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings’ video series.

In fact, you might think of Brown’s book versus ‘Secret Mysteries’ in this manner: ‘Lost Symbol’ is the poison; ‘Secret Mysteries’ video is the antidote"!!

In fact, Brown admitted that he intended that this novel be a Masonic recruiting tool!! Listen to his quote as to why he wrote the book: "I think there will be an enormous number of people who will be interested in the Masons after this book (comes out)," Brown said" ("Freemasons await Dan Brown novel `The Lost Symbol’ " – http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090915/ap_en_ot/us_books_brown_masons )

Further, Dan Brown admits that he based ‘Lost Symbol’, in part, on a particular "anti-Masonic video"!! Listen: " The plot centers in part on an "unfair" anti-Masonic video that "conspiracy theorists would feed on … like sharks…"

The only ‘unfair anti-Masonic’ video centered in Washington, D.C., and reporting on the various Masonic symbols there, is our "Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C."! Indeed, we introduced "Riddles In Stone" in March, 2007, and in May, the Masonic experts whom we interviewed were so upset with how we portrayed them that they threatened to sue us! However, we had protected ourselves legally before the cameras began to roll, so they had no leg on which to stand! Furthermore, we told them to go ahead with the lawsuit, as we would like nothing better than to be able to talk about Masonic secrets in an open court!

Furthermore, "Riddles In Stone" was a favorite of "conspiracy theorists" as hundreds of thousands of people viewed the video on Google and YouTube.

Therefore, a good deal of ‘Lost Symbols’ may have been based upon Riddles In Stone.

Now, let us get into specifics:

Parallels To New Atlantis

* Unbelievable ‘Lost Symbol’ quote: American forefathers based their new world on Francis Bacon’s utopian vision, ‘New Atlantis’, a new world based upon ancient knowledge". (P. 272) Exactly what we say in our "New Atlantis" DVD! In fact, the key teaching of ‘New Atlantis’ is that our American Forefathers deliberately and precisely formed the type of Masonic government which Sir Francis Bacon and Queen Elizabeth I designed in the 1590’s! ‘Lost Symbol’ just confirmed our key analysis for the entire DVD!

* Confirms our description of the Masonic bloody oaths. Dan Brown actually goes into great detail in describing the horrific bloody oaths which the initiate undergoes in Degrees 1, 2 and 3 of the Blue Lodge — the first three degrees. Later, Brown’s plot reveals the extreme sensitivity which Masonry feels about having the public see their rituals. Masonry at the very highest levels believed that, if the public were to see a video tape of exactly what these Masons do in their first three rituals, the public outcry would be so horrendous that Masonry would be destroyed!! The plot carries this threat to air a video feed of an actual ritual to the public right up until the very end. At the end, the government, headed by the Masonic head of the CIA, figure out a way to black transmission of the video feed to the outside world.

In "New Atlantis", we graphically show the mock "trial" and the execution of Captain Morgan in 1826 in the Batavia, New York area. Masons have complained about this scene as they feel it portrays them in a very bad light. Masons attempt to hide this murder in much the same frenzy as the Masons attempted to hide the bloody oaths in the first three rituals in ‘Lost Symbol’.

* Uses the painting ‘The Apotheosis of Washington’ to depict the belief that ancient gods pass information to select members of secret societies, in this case, to certain American Forefathers. – p. 86-7 We show that Rosicrucians like John Dee and Francis Bacon regularly and fervently sought communication with the spirits of the supernatural world, in order to receive information like science and medicine. All around the side of the painting, gods are communicating with select artists, inventors, and scientists of the original American Forefathers. Brown explains that these Forefathers were receiving communication of secrets of science and ‘Ancient Wisdom’ from these gods — exactly what we portray in ‘The New Atlantis’!

George Washington is called a ‘demigod’ (p. 83), Washington transformed into a god, his ‘apotheosis’, as this painting depicts. We show this painting and explain that it shows George Washington becoming a man-god, a divine, upon his death. This "translation" from manhood to godhood is the ultimate goal of every Freemason, as ‘Lost Symbol’ depicts from beginning to end.

* Confirms Ben Franklin’s connection to London Masonry – p. 128. Franklin is said to have been a part of the ‘Invisible College’, the Royal Society of London. We report that Ben Franklin was also a frequent visitor to the Hell Fire Club, which was run by the upper echelon of London Freemasonry. Franklin was coordinating the formation of exactly the type of government which Sir Francis Bacon and Queen Elizabeth had planned.

* Masonry is obsessed with Ancient Mysteries, Hidden Knowledge and Lost Symbols. This theme runs throughout this entire novel! In fact, ‘Lost Symbols’ reports New Age thinking and philosophy and religious belief, I felt at times that I was reading Ruth Montgomery and David Spangler, two of the most prestigious New Age writers of the past 30 years. ‘Lost Symbol’ was filled with occult, New Age beliefs and practices.

Parallels To Riddles In Stone

* "As above, So below" – p. 39, 87, 320 – As you can see from the page layout of these references, this Hermetic maxim was a constant theme in ‘Lost Symbol’.

‘Lost Symbol’ correctly identifies this term as the occult, Masonic belief that there is a physical connection between the heavenly sphere and the earthly, and that ‘As Above, So Below’ denotes the junction where man and God become one. Therefore, Masonic architect L’Enfant, along with George Washington, conceived the plan whereby the Capital City of this New Atlantis (America) would be laid out according to patterns found in the heavenlies.

Not only were street layouts conceived by the shape of heavenly bodies or patterns which heavenly bodies carve in the night sky, but the timing of public ceremonies dedicating key buildings in Government Mall were timed to coincide with heavenly alignments. ‘Riddles’ demonstrates that D.C. was laid out according to this maxim – according to the stars and planets above. In fact, this was a major theme of ‘Riddles". This concept ‘As above, so below’ was most perfectly illustrated by the Pentagram in the street layout which was missing the same segment as the Pentagram painted in the heavens by Venus’ 8-year rotation around the Sun. Just a few days before completing this final segment of the Pentagram, Venus goes into retrograde motion, not completing the last segment — the very same segment which is uncompleted in the Pentagram in the street layout of D.C.! Therefore, since the Masons created their Pentagram street layout with the same segment missing as the Venus 8-year rotation, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that L’Enfant did layout Washington, D.C., according to the stars — ‘As Above, So Below’.

* A d v e r t i s e m e n t
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* Pierre L’Enfant confirmed as a Master Mason – p. 26. ‘Lost Symbol’ states that "it was no secret that Washington, D.C., had a rich Masonic history. The cornerstone of this very building had been laid in full Masonic ritual by George Washington himself. This city had been conceived and designed by Master Masons — George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Pierre L’Enfant — powerful minds who adorned their new capital with Masonic symbolism, architecture and art."

Shockingly, in "Riddles In Stone", both 33rd Degree Masons, Brent Morris and Trevor McKuen denied that L’Enfant was a Mason. In fact, Morris said that it was more likely that aliens came to earth to snatch L’Enfant away than it was that he was even a Mason. Yet, ‘Lost Symbol’ boldly declares him to be a Master Mason, which confirms our original research.

* Unfinished pyramid is depicted in ‘Lost Symbol’ as awaiting its capstone and as representing America’s unfulfilled destiny – p. 160-1. "Riddles In Stone" spends much time and effort speaking to the issue of the unfinished pyramid and its future capstone. We further demonstrate the Masonic belief that the unfinished pyramid represents a major, massive global work which is unfinished right now; this depiction is the ‘Old World Order’ which is the current system in which we are living. But, the ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ which is printed in the ribbon beneath the unfinished pyramid is the coming New World Order. On this point, ‘Lost Symbol’ fully confirms our research as we report in "Riddles In Stone".

But, there is more to the capstone! In "Eye of the Phoenix" we demonstrate the Masonic belief that the capstone is a Man, the Masonic Christ, whom the Bible calls Antichrist. The capstone is a MAN, whom the Masons cryptically call "Destiny". We prove from public record that the Perfect Man ruling a New World from his throne on the tympanum at the National Archives is the Masonic Christ whose name is "Destiny".

* THE secret to mystical power is revealed to be the unfinished pyramid – especially once it is capped (p. 160-7). We demonstrate in "Eye of the Phoenix" that the capstone shall be Antichrist himself. Therefore, the "capped pyramid" is Antichrist — the Masonic Christ — and he will, indeed, possess great power once he comes into his office.

That is the Illuminati Plan and that is the Biblical prophecy, running parallel.

* Later, Robert Langdon realizes that the "powerful talisman" with which Masonic leader Peter Solomon had entrusted was really the capstone of the small unfinished pyramid which Peter kept in his private meditation room – p. 103 – Once the capstone was in place, the finished pyramid had the ability to "bring order out of chaos". -. p 104

Indeed, the Masonic Christ WILL "bring order out of chaos", because his agents created the chaos in the world in the first place. After rigging the entire Old World Order to collapse, the Illuminati will trigger the final blow, a World War III. Out of the dust and destruction of this world war, Antichrist will appear. He will immediately bring order out of chaos, because leaders throughout the world will cease hostilities and grant their power and authority to the Masonic Christ. We cover "Order Out of Chaos" in all three Secret Mysteries’ Videos.

* Actually admitted that the Washington Monument is an obelisk and is 555-feet high – p. 7, 13. Masons have strenuously tried to deny that this object is truly an obelisk but ‘Lost Symbols’ frankly states it as a matter of fact. In ‘Riddles In Stone", we prove that the obelisk called the Washington Monument is the sexual shaft of the Chaldean god Baal!

Then, we demonstrate that busts of Baal are very, very common in Government Center. This fact backs the assertion that one of our expert witnesses states quite emphatically at the beginning of "Riddles In Stone", who said, "Masonry is a worship of Baal".

* "Circles within circles, brotherhoods within brotherhoods" – p. 11 – Confirms our teaching that Masonry has its secrets hidden within layers of deceptive meanings.

In ‘Riddles In Stone", we interview Dr. Bob Hieronimus, a life-long Mason and whose wife is a Co-Mason. Dr. Bob quite frankly tells us that every symbol in Freemasonry has at least three levels of meaning. The unitiated are told a blatant lie, the Initiate is told another lie, while only the lifelong Adept is told the real truth.

This entire understanding is critical if a person outside Freemasonry is to really and truly know that lying to the non-Mason person is not only standard practice, but is required of the Adept Mason! Thus does ‘Lost Symbol’ confirm a major teaching in ‘Riddles In Stone’!

* Talks about Statue of Freedom atop the Capitol Dome – p. 25

We cover the Statue of Freedom, describing her 13 stars and the fact that she was really the goddess Athena, Sir Francis Bacon’s indwelling spirit.

* Precise moment of laying the Capitol Dome cornerstone was calculated at a time when the "auspicious Caput Draconis was in Virgo" – p. 29 – ‘Riddles’ teaches that D.C. was designed according to the placement and the movement of the stars. That key events were also planned according to astrological factors. In ‘Riddles" we note this and state that the entire city was laid out ‘according to the stars’.

We even show dramatic dramatizations which depict the placement of the stars at the very time of the dedication down below, in Government Center. ‘Lost Symbols’ states this truth in this manner: "More than half of the framers of our Constitution were Masons, men who strongly believed that the stars and fate were intertwined, men who paid close attention to the layout of the heavens as they structured their new world."

"An impressive coincidence considering that the cornerstones of the three structures that make up Federal Triangle — the Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument — were all laid in different years but were carefully timed to occur in this exact same astrological condition." (Page 29)

Exactly as we reported and dramatized in ‘Riddles In Stone"!

* Confirms that our Masonic Forefathers hid this incredible system of pagan symbology "in plain view" (p. 28) – Just as we show in ‘Riddles’!

* Confirms that more than half of the Framers of the Constitution were Freemasons – p. 29

We reported this fact in both "New Atlantis" and "Riddles In Stone". Modern Masons have always tried to downplay the number of Masons at the various meetings which defined and gave birth to America. Modern Masonry has tried its best to get people to believe that only nine (9) members of the Constitutional Convention were Masons. At least ‘Lost Symbol’ comes closer to the truth.

‘Lost Symbols’ reveals that the Capitol Building was created as a sacred shrine to ancient mystical secrets – p. 81 – Rotunda was tribute to Vestal Virgins (p. 83), just as we say in ‘Riddles’.

Parallels To ‘Eye of the Phoenix’

The unfinished pyramid is awaiting its capstone, and that capstone represents America’s secret unfulfilled destiny – p. 39, 160-1 — In "Eye" we show that the capstone will be capped by Antichrist himself when he appears! Furthermore, Antichrist is called ‘Destiny" and is pictured atop the tympanum above the National Archives Building, ruling over a peaceful, prosperous New World Order. (Covered above in ‘Riddles’ section)

Katherine Solomon drew the hexagram within the All Seeing Eye One Dollar seal and then connected the letters to form "Mason" – p. 278

We report this design in the Dollar Bill in ‘Eye of the Phoenix’.

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